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@dmarcos dmarcos released this Dec 14, 2019 · 125 commits to master since this release

WebXR final spec support!

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Major Changes


  • Fix resolution drop on exiting VR mode (#4246) (@tomegz)
  • Don't emit synthetic vrdisplaypresentchange event unless there's native WebVR implementation (#4301) (@dmarcos)
  • Set xrSession to undefined after exiting VR mode (#4321) (@klausw, @dmarcos)
  • Emit cursor mouseup if mousedown if it's only originated on scene (#4249) (@edsilv, @dmarcos)
  • Fix IE 11 fullscreen mode (#4243) (@AlexandraWins)
  • Bump animejs fork to fix flattenArray (#4158) (@ngokevin)
  • Replace undefined check to prevent ReferenceError in JavaScriptCore (#4318) (@nuel, @dmarcos)
  • Fix singleton, events being overridden by components of the same type (#4250) (@ngokevin)
  • Honor embedded mode on loading screen (#4245) (@dmarcos)
  • Fix incorrect response type inference for glb/gltf files (#4219) (@Ely-S)
  • Fix WebVR deep-linking / navigation (#4199) (@Artyom17)
  • Restore render target to canvas to prevent freezes (@dmarcos)
  • Adjust three-bmfont-text to THREE r111 API changes (#4331) (@dmarcos)
  • Don't consider Firefox Reality and Oculus Browser mobile / phone browsers (#4338) (@dmarcos)
  • DracoLoader Path set for THREE v108 (#4272) (@arpu)
  • Use glTF header to determine a-asset-item response type (#4228) (@Ely-S)
  • Remove setTimeout call in tick if not raycaster.showLine (#4192) (@ngokevin)
  • isMobileVR differentiates Samsung Internet for Gear VR from Samsung Internet for Android (#4188) (@DougReeder)
  • Apply handedness to Oculus Go controller (#4162) (@dmarcos)
  • Fix button mapping for Vive Focus (fix #4344) (@dmarcos, @IvoJager)


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