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About the project

The goal of this project is to implement some useful algorithms and data structures in Erlang so as to help anyone who may need them.

  • Currently Implemented Data Structures:

    • Directed, Undirected, Weighted, Unweighted Graphs
    • Min / Max Heaps
    • Union / Find
  • Currently Implemented Algorithms:

    • BFS
    • DFS
    • Dijkstra
    • Kruskal
    • Edmonds-Karp
    • Ford-Fulkerson
    • A*

How to Compile and Run

  • Compile the source code and the demo : make
  • Run dialyzer : make dialyzer
  • All of the above : make all
  • Run the demo : make demo
  • Make edoc : make edoc

The files in the demo folder contain functions that demostrate the code in action.

For full documentation check the site


This project is released under the Apache License 2.0.