Convert HTML/CSS/JS based Apps to Objective C for WKWebView
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As seen on AgilityFeat's Blog

WebGL Cube on iPhone Simulator in XCode

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iOSify - HTML/CSS/JS to Objective C

This is a boilerplate which offers a way to develop an HTML 5 app and later package it in such a way that it is usable in iOS using the WKWebView Objective C view controller.

How it works

Develop your app within the src folder. When ready fire up iOSify's grunt task et voilá, you get a header file and an Objective C class automagically generated within the dist folder.

What's going on is that iOSify will compress all your javascripts and stylesheets into a single html string which you can later feed into WKWebView.

Before using

Be sure you have NodeJS and the npm package grunt-cli installed beforehand.

Details on how to install these packages can be found here:

Once you have NodeJS and Grunt installed, navigate to the root of this package and run from your terminal:

$ npm install

You should see details of the dependencies being installed.

Once the install command finishes executing you are ready to iOSify to your heart's content.

iOSifying all the things

To iOSify your HTML/Javascript app, first open up the file iosify.js and change the variable class_name to be the name you want the generated Objective C class to have.

For example change

var class_name = 'MyCube';

to read

var class_name = 'OrganicBananaGame';

Then, simply navigate to the root folder of this package and run the following command:

$ grunt

Yes, it's that easy! Now you will find the generated OrganicBananaGame.h and OrganicBananaGame.m files inside the dist folder.



Be sure your app's main html file is called index.html. To change this behavior you'll have to edit the Gruntfile.