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All how to manuals for using the Aginity Catalog Items
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Go visit this article to find out what this is all about!

How to Import Queries Packages into Aginity Pro or Team

  1. First download a zip file of a platforms aginitypkg files from a Github repository. Do this by downloading the Zip file of the repository of the platform as shown below.

File Import Image!

  1. Unzip the file, open Aginity Pro or Team and use the File Import method as shown below to pick one of the catalogs to import.

File Import Image!

  1. You will be presented with an Import Wizard as shown below.

File Import Wizard!

  1. Pick a destination directory you want to place the catalog queries into. I recommend for Redshift Utility queries specifyng a head directory like "Redshift Utility Queries"
  2. Typically you can click All or select the scripts you want to import
  3. Voila! You are ready to use the queries.

Using Imported Queries

  1. You can call a catalog item by double clicking on the name of it from within the Catalog Browser as show below

Reference Catalog!

  1. Hit the execute button within a query window and enter your prompt as shown below


  1. Enjoy the results and not having to write this query ever again!

View Results!

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