The simplest angular localStorage implementation you will ever use.

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The simpliest localStorage module you will ever use. Allowing you to set, get, and bind variables.


  • Two way bind your $scope variable value to a localStorage key/pair which will be updated whenever the model is updated.
  • You can directly store Objects, Arrays, Floats, Booleans, and Strings. No need to convert your javascript values from strings.
  • Fallback to Angular $cookieStore if localStorage is not supported (REMEMBER to add angular-cookies.min.js script to your project or remove 'ngCookies' from a dependency);

How to use

  1. Just add this module to your app as a dependency var yourApp = angular.module('yourApp', [..., 'angularLocalStorage']
  2. Now inside your controllers simply pass the storage factory like this yourApp.controller('yourController', function( $scope, storage){
  3. Using the storage factory
// Note: if the scope variable already exists, it takes precedence over the default and stored values
// binding it to a $scope.variable (minimal)
// binding full
storage.bind($scope,'varName',{defaultValue: 'randomValue123' ,storeName: 'customStoreKey'});
// the params are ($scope, varName, opts(optional))
// $scope - pass a reference to whatever scope the variable resides in
// varName - the variable name so for $scope.firstName enter 'firstName'
// opts - custom options like default value or unique store name
// 	Here are the available options you can set:
// 		* defaultValue: the default value
// 		* storeName: add a custom store key value instead of using the scope variable name

// will constantly be updating $scope.viewType
// to change the variable both locally in your controller and in localStorage just do
$scope.viewType = 'ANYTHING';
// that's it, it will be updated in localStorage

// just storing something in localStorage with cookie backup for unsupported browsers
// getting that value

// Getting an unset key will return null
console.log(storage.get('keyThatIsUndefined')) // null

// checking if the cookie fallback is being used right now, so you don't try to store fairly big data in cookies
if(!storage.isCookieFallbackActive()) {

// clear all localStorage values

// gets all the keys in the storage system returned as an array
storage.getKeys(); // ['key','key2']


This module is available as bower package, install it with this command:

bower install angularLocalStorage


bower install git://

Angular Requirements

0.3.0 requires AngularJS 1.3.0+.

0.2.0 requires AngularJS 1.2.x.


For live example please checkout -


Please add an issue with ideas, improvements, or bugs! Thanks!

(c) 2015 MIT License