Kobo Tweaks

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Kobo Tweaks

Plugin for the Kobo Touch ereader that adds several useful features.


  1. Download the latest version (tweaks-yy-mm-dd.zip) from https://github.com/ah-/koboplugins/downloads.
  2. Extract tweaks-yy-mm-dd.zip to get Kobo.tgz. Don't extract Kobo.tgz.
  3. Connect your Kobo Touch to the computer and copy Kobo.tgz to the ".kobo" folder on the device.
  4. Eject the device.
  5. Load the plugin by opening the library once.


Options for "Start" menu (hide/show):

* Shortlist
* Library search
* Dictionary
* Reading Life
* Store
* Sync
* Help
* Browser
* Airplane mode
* Toggle WiFi
* Power Off
* Sleep


* Hide Recommendations (startpage)
* Hide page numbers (reader - the numbers at the bottom of the page)


* Enable Shelves


* Uninstall Plugin

LED colours:

* red, green or blue

Supported languages:

* English
* Deutsch
* Italiano
* ...

Known Issues

  • The plugin doesn't load automatically after rebooting the device. Open the library once to load it.
  • SD cards are problematic. If you use an SD card and the plugin doesn't load, it might help to take out your SD card during boot.


If you have any issues please post in this thread: http://www.mobileread.com/forums/showthread.php?t=163997