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Advanced Visualization Studio (AVS) is a music/audio visualization plugin for Winamp with customizable design which allows users to easily create their own effects, or choose among the thousands of diverse "presets" available online. This project offers a simple API to render any AVS effects/presets realtime inside the Unity (as a native plugin).
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>>> DrO (
    has updated v2.81b to v2.81d by changing a few files, as he posted here:

>>> This file you have here is the sourcecode from (v2.81b),
    with the few files from (2.81d) overwritten over v2.81b

>>> Since DrO's download location sais that it's temporary, I've put this file up as a backup for his server and to have a complete file.

>>> If you have questions or comments, the AVS forums are over here:

>>> Keep in mind though, that there is currently only little, if any, development going on over there.
    If you have suggestions, your best chances are to make a start and post your results there with your questions, rather than to ask 'us' to do it, as none of us are Nullsoft employees.

>>> You'll also need the Winamp SDK. Search the forums for the lastest version.


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