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A mint on Gitment.
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A mint on Gitment, the gitment is a comment system based on GitHub Issues.

Demo Page




  • Gitment based
  • No server-side implementation
  • Force redirect protocol to support HTTPS/HTTP Github pages site
  • Support organization repository
  • Support comments count show and update
  • Support urlencoded for GET request and response data
  • Language translator for default/other theme, a simple method
  • No client_secret
  • hexo-theme-next friendly

Get Started

1. Install

<link rel="stylesheet" href="">
<script src=""></script>

or via npm and build it:

> git clone
> cd gitmint
> npm install && npm run build

# dist files
> ls style/default.css
> ls dist/gitmint.browser.js

or via npm module only:

> npm install --save gitmint
## and in js:
## import Gitmint from 'gitmint'

2. Register An OAuth Application

Click here to register an OAuth application, and you will get a client ID and a client secret.

Make sure the callback URL is right. Generally it's the origin of your site, like, or https://your-site.

3. Create and render a gitment

const gitment = new Gitmint({
  id: 'Your page ID', // optional
  owner: 'Your GitHub ID',
  repo: 'The repo to store comments',
  oauth: {
    client_id: 'Your client ID',
    client_secret: 'Your client secret',
    // proxy_gateway: 'Your proxy service, either this or client_secret'
  // ...
  // For more available options, check out the documentation below

// or
// gitment.render(document.getElementById('comments'))
// or
// document.body.appendChild(gitment.render())

4. Initialize Your Comments

maybe, you need a automation tool.

New features

proxy_gateway support

no client_secret when create gitment instance, either proxy_gateway or client_secret. ex:

const gitment = new Gitmint({
  oauth: {
    client_id: 'Your client ID',
    proxy_gateway: 'https://YOUR_PROXY'

proxy/gateway is a service, @see aimingoo/intersect

Organization repository

The option admin is string array, support a set of organization repository's adminstrarories. the string array ignore lower/uppercase, and anyone can initialize your post's comments. so them need have write/create-issues access of organization repository. ex:

const gitment = new Gitmint({
  owner: 'GitHub ID of organization repository',
  admin: ['user1', 'user2'],

Language translator

translator module is included, use it in your theme. example in src/theme/default.js:

import { chinese as $ } from '../translator'

// translate 'Comment' from english to chinese
submitButton.innerText = $('Comment')

// OR, switch to language
import * as translator from '../translator'
var $ = translator.fromLanguageCode('zh-CN');
submitButton.innerText = $('Comment')

update the translator.js module to support more text and languages.

Multi languages in Gitmint

set language code in options:

const gitment = new Gitmint({
  lang: 'zh-CN',

the language code format:

and support 'en-US', 'zh-CN' and 'zh-TW' now. Maybe you can do more for this feature. :)

Force redirect protocol

set oauth option:

const gitment = new Gitmint({
  oauth: {
    redirect_protocol: 'https',

make sure it same to protocol of the callback URL in Github OAuth application's settings. by default, the protocol will get from current location href.

Comments count show and update

make a html block, gitmint will automatic update it:

<span class="post-comments-count gitment-comments-count" itemprop="commentsCount"></span>

Methods and Customize


About Security

@see, and


2017.10.26 v0.0.3-update.3 released, support organization repo, and defalt force redirect protocol updated.
2017.10.03 v0.0.3-update.2 released, hexo-theme-next friendly and more features.
2017.07.12 create gitmint, first release.
2017.05.30 fork and push some commits to Gitment.
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