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@AionJayT AionJayT released this Nov 29, 2018 · 670 commits to master since this release

This release is a mandatory update for every aion network users due to the protocol update.

From this version, there is no separate release for the mainnet and the testnet. Please look at the config settings in the migration guide.
Before downloading the release binary, please read the migration guide if you are trying to upgrade your old kernel.

Migration guide

  • Improved Aion directory structure to better manage distinct network configuration and database files.

    ./ -n [valid network] -d [valid datadir]

    For more information see Command Line Interface Documentation.

    The default command ./ is set to launch the Kilimanjaro mainnet.
    For old configurations on any type of network the first execution of ./ will migrate the configuration to the new structure as described in Importing a Pre-Existing Configuration. Future executions must use the -n [valid network] option when not launching the default main network.

  • This version provides the secure connection option for the Aion JAVA API, For more information see Enabling Secure connection for Aion Java API

  • For developers, we upgraded the JDK to version 11, also migrated the major build system from ant to gradle.
    Please have a look in Build your Aion network


  • Migrated to Gradle build tool #647, #659, #664, #666
  • Migrated JAVA env to JDK 11 #677
  • Enhanced Syncing manager and block import mechanism (lightning sync) #635, #662, #663, #714
  • Bugs fixed:
    P2P inbound thread spin #639
    P2P block propagation issue #697
    Transaction empty "From" address issue #646, #654
    Transaction ReceiptLog address field issue #656
    Database excepion handle #683, #688
    Difficulty validate #711
  • Enhanced database function #637, #670
  • Enhanced API server:
    ZMQ secure connection #641
    API message response #678
    eth_signTransaction support #667
    Web3 API enhancement #696, #713
    Enhanced CLI functionalities #650, #682
  • Precompiled Contract support - AIP006, AIP007 and EDVerify #707, #710, #589
    For more information to use the precompiled contract, see Precompiled contract details.
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