Let me play you the song of my contributions.
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Song of GitHub

Audial representation of GitHub commits based on profile pages.

Let me sing you the song of my contributions.

Fairly bad code inside; built in approximately five and a half minutes.

Try it: http://song-of-github.herokuapp.com/


To run: Install node, npm install, npm start.

To display a click to play button, add &playbutton to the querystring.


To embed it on your site:

<iframe src="http://song-of-github.herokuapp.com/?username={{name}}&embeddable" height="240" width="600"></iframe>


  1. Install dependencies

     npm install
     npm install supervisor -g
  2. Run & watch app for changes

     npm run watch

Kill the server with Ctrl + C.

Checking in Client Changes

  1. Compile the JS for production

     npm run build
  2. Be sure to check in bundle.js, which should change if you made changes to any client JS.


MIT licensed. See LICENSE file.