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Alfred2 version of HTML Entity Lookup tool
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HTML Entity Lookup

This is an Alfred 2 version of Remy's Sharp excellent tool.


  • Download "HTMLEntityLookup.alfredworkflow" extension.
  • Double click the downloaded "HTMLEntityLookup.alfredworkflow" file to install. Alfred 2 is required


  • Invoke HTML Entity Lookup keyword el and type the character similar to entity you are looking for

Find by symbol

  • Or you can type the entity name

Find by name

  • Select desired result
  • On the list of values, choose the one you need, and press enter to paste it to currently opened application, or Cmd+Enter to copy it to clipboard. You can also use entity keyword if you know exact name of the entity, and you just need a number, or character itself.

Select desired version


Creative Commons License - ShareAlike

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