A Blackjack implementation done entirely in Java.
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This is a Blackjack implementation done entirely in Java. Using an array of standard cards, the game instantiates a deck to shuffle and lay on panels.


This project repo is ready to be used from Eclipse.

In Eclipse go to: File/New/Project. Select Java.

Un-check "Use default location" and then click Browse and navigate to the top level directory with contains your source, libs, configs, etc.

Eclipse will display a warning that says that your project "overlaps the location of another project".

Re-select "Use default location," and now Eclipse will let you click on the "Next" button to continue configuration of your project.

How to play

Once a new game is created, shuffle the deck to begin the game, wherein the object is to try to reach a hand value of 21 without going over.

Players can play as many times until the deck is out of cards. At that point, simply reshuffle the deck and begin again.