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  1. ds_rtc_lib ds_rtc_lib Public

    A library for the DS1307 and DS3231 real time clocks for ATMega chips and Arduino

    C 28 16

  2. MIFARE-Classic-1K-Access-Bits-Calculator MIFARE-Classic-1K-Access-Bits-Calculator Public

    JavaScript 28 6

  3. vetinari_clock vetinari_clock Public

    A clock that ticks irregularly, yet keeps accurate time.

    Makefile 21 1

  4. VFDDeluxe VFDDeluxe Public

    Firmware for VFD Modular Clock mk2

    C++ 15 10

  5. helloworld helloworld Public

    Hello world examples for various Atmel microcontrollers

    C 11 7

  6. uA-thermometer uA-thermometer Public

    ATTiny13/DS18B20-based thermometer using a uA meter.

    C 8 1


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