Proof-of-Concept OpenSSL-based workaround for iOS basicConstraints SSL certificate validation vulnerability
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OpenSSL-based workaround for iOS basicConstraints certificate
validation vulnerability (CVE-2011-0228, a.k.a. TWSL2001-007)


This project was built with XCode 4.02 and iOS SDK 4.3. It may work
with previous versions of either, but it's not guaranteed.

You can either build and run the sample app in the iPhone simulator,
or deploy it to a device. Under the iOS 4.3 SDK - and presumably,
earlier versions - the simulator contains the same vulnerability as
unpatched devices.

In the sample app, you can enter a URL and attempt to request it. The
text view at the bottom shows the result of the request. (It is not a
webview; for successful requests it just prints out the raw data

The sample app uses a custom NSURLConnectionDelegate to override the
certificate verification that the system would otherwise use. The code
in CertVerifyURLConnectionDelegate might be appropriate for reuse;
everything else is glue for this specific demo.

On a certificate-validation failure, you will see a very generic error
message in the text view. (See the code for an explanation and some
suggestions for improvement.)

We built OpenSSL libraries for iOS and added them to the XCode project
by following the instructions at:

Also, take note of the initialization functions called in the app


If you don't call these before attempting to use OpenSSL code, then 
things will probably fail in mysterious ways.

Finally, to ensure compliance with OpenSSL's license terms:

* This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project
  for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit. (
* This product includes cryptographic software written by
  Eric Young (