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This is a console application based on Boiler. It retrieve the CMsgGCCStrike15_v2_MatchList protobuf message from Steam GC and write it into the file provided as argument. Nothing more.


I made this application to add the ability to download last matchmaking demos from the application CSGO Demos Manager. As Steamworks.NET doesn't provide a way to communicate with the Steam Game Coordinator, I had to use the C++ Steamworks version.


./boiler path_to_the_file_where_data_will_be_written [matchId outcomeId tokenId]

The 3 optionals parameters are from a CMsgGCCStrike15_v2_MatchListRequestFullGameInfo message. If they are specified, it will write the CMsgGCCStrike15_v2_MatchList message for this specific match.


Build tested on Windows and MAC OS (Sierra).

Common tasks

  1. Download the repo and extract it
  2. Download the Steamworks SDK
  3. Extract it into the solution root folder and rename the folder to "steamworks_sdk"
  4. Download the protobuf 2.5.0 sources
  5. Extract it into the solution root folder


  1. Launch the protobuf solution in Visual Studio
  2. Compile the project "libprotobuf" (Debug or / and Release)
  3. Launch the boiler-writter solution
  4. Build


  1. Install Protobuf from sources, steps are in the README but you should do:
    • ./configure
    • make
    • make install
  2. Check if it has been installed by running protoc --version. By default header files should have been installed in /usr/local/include and lib in /usr/local/lib. This is where Xcode assume that they are located but you can change it if you want from Xcode.
  3. Launch the project in Xcode
  4. Make sure libsteam_api.dylib and libprotobuf.8.dylib are in the Linked Frameworks and Libraries from General tab.
  5. Build the project


It use the original Boiler license GPL v3