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#GWTWrapper for Three.js ##Demo Three.js Example ports - same as original example,but not complete

morphtargets horse orbit cloth blending morph

Old one - but some original demo include ##What is GWT.Why GWT? GWT is one of altJS language written with Java ,developed by Google(until version 2.5.1).
This is not so popular as other altJS language,but really good at integrate with GAE/Java.

I like Java,Guava-Library and have almost 6 years experience with GWT.
My java script knowledge is really poor,especially scope and constructing class.

That's why I'm still use Java/GWT.

If you are not familiar with GWT or GoogleAppEngine/Java,you should choice dart or typescript.
many people use that.

##Status developed based Three.js Rev73 for GWT 2.5.1/2.6(not JSInterop)

I can say this is ALPHA version.
There are still so many bugs.when each time I port a example,I found many critical bugs.

###Plan port most of webgl demo(not canvas,svg)

##Possible bugs wrong type - sometime I miss understand type.I'm going to compare typescript's "three.d.ts" file soon.