Alpakka is a Reactive Enterprise Integration library for Java and Scala, based on Reactive Streams and Akka.
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Latest Akka 2.5.16 and Akka Http 10.1.5
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amqp/src AMQP: Add support for all SSL configuration variants (#1146) Aug 27, 2018
avroparquet/src Apache Parquet module (#1131) Aug 31, 2018
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azure-storage-queue/src Missed privatizing AzureQueueSourceStage Aug 6, 2018
cassandra/src Cassandra settings: Use java.time.Duration Sep 7, 2018
csv/src CSV: CsvToMap default charset (#1182) Sep 3, 2018
doc-examples/src Elasticsearch: towards 1.0 (#1179) Sep 18, 2018
docs/src JMS: Support commit timeouts (#1189) Sep 21, 2018
dynamodb/src Remove magic reacting on provided port number Sep 17, 2018
elasticsearch/src Elasticsearch: towards 1.0 (#1179) Sep 18, 2018
file/src Moved implementations; use j.t.Duration in Java API Sep 11, 2018
ftp/src FTP: towards 1.0 (#1204) Sep 18, 2018
geode 🎨 #1073 Jul 6, 2018
google-cloud-pub-sub/src Format Java test code (#1052) Jun 28, 2018
google-fcm/src Format Java test code (#1052) Jun 28, 2018
hbase/src Add names to Travis jobs Aug 3, 2018
hdfs/src HDFS: Add sources and flows (#965) Jun 27, 2018
ironmq/src Akka-Http version to 10.1.3; Akka-Http-Circe version 1.20.1 (#970) Jul 3, 2018
jms/src JMS: Support commit timeouts (#1189) Sep 21, 2018
json-streaming/src Move code to designated packages Sep 11, 2018
kinesis/src Add names to Travis jobs Aug 3, 2018
kudu/src Made settings non-case class; configuration as one snippet; link to J… Sep 3, 2018
mongodb/src Mongo: insertMany with options (#893) May 2, 2018
mqtt/src Remove Java getters; more private Sep 17, 2018
orientdb/src OrientDb: towards 1.0 (#1191) Sep 18, 2018
project Latest Akka 2.5.16 and Akka Http 10.1.5 Sep 21, 2018
reference/src Exemplify WriteMessage => WriteResult; showcase testkit Aug 31, 2018
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scripts logging to files in tests (#611) Nov 26, 2017
simple-codecs/src Simple Codecs: towards 1.0 Sep 7, 2018
slick/src Slick/JDBC: towards 1.0 (#1208) Sep 17, 2018
sns/src Move stage to impl package Aug 21, 2018
solr/src Elasticsearch: Minor update to scaladoc and method name changes in te… Sep 10, 2018
spring-web/src Move code for snippets Aug 28, 2018
sqs/src AWS SQS: Keep message order (#1214) Sep 17, 2018
sse/src Format Java test code (#1052) Jun 28, 2018
text/src Format Java test code (#1052) Jun 28, 2018
udp/src Add names to Travis jobs Aug 3, 2018
unix-domain-socket/src Unix Domain Socket: Become 1.0 ready (#1168) Aug 29, 2018
xml/src Improve Java API by adding getters and an enum; more advanced parsing… Sep 20, 2018
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LICENSE update readme for 0.1 May 12, 2016 Fix maven search url (#1097) Jul 5, 2018 Mention sbt-authors in the releasing instructions May 8, 2018
build.sbt sbt 1.2.3 and resolver Sep 20, 2018 Formatting Aug 28, 2018
docker-compose.yml Introduce GoAWS to integration test SNS Aug 21, 2018

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Systems don't come alone. In the modern world of microservices and cloud deployment, new components must interact with legacy systems, making integration an important key to success. Reactive Streams give us a technology-independent tool to let these heterogeneous systems communicate without overwhelming each other.

The Alpakka project is an open source initiative to implement stream-aware, reactive, integration pipelines for Java and Scala. It is built on top of Akka Streams, and has been designed from the ground up to understand streaming natively and provide a DSL for reactive and stream-oriented programming, with built-in support for backpressure. Akka Streams is a Reactive Streams and JDK 9+ java.util.concurrent.Flow-compliant implementation and therefore fully interoperable with other implementations.


To keep up with the latest Alpakka releases check out Alpakka releases and Alpakka Kafka connector releases.


You can join these forums and chats to discuss and ask Akka and Alpakka related questions:

In addition to that, you may enjoy the following:


Lightbend is committed to Alpakka and has an Alpakka team working on it.

Contributions are very welcome! The Alpakka team appreciates community contributions by both those new to Alpakka and those more experienced. Alpakka depends on the community to to keep up with the ever-growing number of technologies with which to integrate. Please step up and share the successful Akka Stream integrations you implement with the Alpakka community.

If you find an issue that you'd like to see fixed, the quickest way to make that happen is to implement the fix and submit a pull request.

Refer to the file for more details about the workflow, and general hints on how to prepare your pull request. If you're planning to implement a new module within Alpakka, look at our contributor advice.

You can also ask for clarifications or guidance in GitHub issues directly, or in the akka/dev chat if a more real time communication would be of benefit.

Caveat Emptor

Alpakka components are not always binary compatible between releases. API changes that are not backward compatible might be introduced as we refine and simplify based on your feedback. A module may be dropped in any release without prior deprecation. If not stated otherwise, the Lightbend subscription does not cover support for Alpakka modules.

Our goal is to improve the stability and test coverage for Alpakka APIs over time.