Nebular is a set of essential modules for your next Angular 6 application.
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Nebular is a set of essential modules for your next Angular application.

Nebular is a great toolkit if you build Rich UI web-application based on Angular, and want to bootstrap your development using essential features out of the box. It provides you with a list of native Angular components, unified approach for managing styles of various components (3rd party including) and authentication and security layers easily configurable for your API. At the same time, Nebular allows you to use it together with any other UI library you choose.

Getting started

Documentation | ngx-admin demo

🎨 Theme


Main Nebular module which includes UI Kit and Theme System.

Native Angular Components

Component Description
Flip Card
Reveal Card
Progress Bar
Context Menu
Chat UI
Infinite List

Theme System

A set of beautiful styles with handy mixins and guidelines to create and support multiple themes in one project. With themes hot reload without a page refresh.

Bootstrap Styles

Overridings for bootstrap styles for elements consistency with the rest of your theme.

Server Side Rendering

Components are compatible with SSR, meaning that it is possible to render them on a server.


Right-to-left writing system support for all components.

🔐 Auth


UI and logic for front-end authentication flow.

Auth UI Components

Component Description
Login Email & password login page.
Register Sign up page component.
Reset Password A page to request a password reset.
Restore Password A page to set up a new password.
Auth Block Wrapper to center auth component on a page.

Auth Providers

Auth UI decoupled from the communication to a particular back-end throughout authentication provider services allowing you to connect to any backend API.

Token Management

Services to retrieve, store and publish authentication token with helpers for JWT.

Token Storage

Configurable token storage service.

Auth Interceptors

HTTP interceptors to pass authentication token with any HTTP-request.

👮 Security



Roles and permission management based on access control list. *nbIsGranted conditional directive.

Starter Kits

  • ngx-admin - application based on Nebular modules with beautiful IOT components. Live Demo.
  • ngx-admin-starter - clean application based on Nebular modules with a limited number of additional dependencies.

VSCode Extension

From Developers

There are a lot of awesome front-end frameworks and libraries out there these days. They provide a massive quantity of useful features making our lives more comfortable. Our intention is not to create a new one as we are pretty much aware of the complexity and amount of work developers put on their creations. But as developers, we feel that nowadays front-end development is disjointed. You have to search for libraries, go through the different installation process, everything looks different, and sometimes it's just annoying that you can't just sit and start going. That's why we are on a mission to assemble together the most useful modules and libraries, join them with a unified application and graphical interface creating a great toolkit for easier setup.


MIT license.


This project runs its tests on multiple desktop and mobile browsers using BrowserStack.

How can I support the developers?

  • Star our GitHub repo ⭐️
  • Create pull requests, submit bugs, suggest new features or documentation updates 🔧
  • Follow us on Twitter 🐾
  • Like our page on Facebook 👍

From Akveo

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