This plugin filters keyboard input by specified regular expression.
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This jQuery plugin filters keyboard input by specified regular expression.

Source code inspired by Ext.JS (Ext.form.TextField, Ext.EventManager), but was modified to provide more accurate logic.

Procedural style


Also you can pass test function instead of regexp. Its arguments:

  • this - HTML DOM Element (event target).
  • c - String that contains incoming character.
$("#ggg").keyfilter(function(c) { return c != 'a'; });

CSS class attribute style

<input type="text" class="mask-num" />

Inputs with CSS classes like this will automatically have the corresponding regexp below applied.

Predefined classes with its regexps

  • mask-pint: /[\d]/
  • mask-int: /[\d\-]/
  • mask-pnum: /[\d\.]/
  • mask-num: /[\d\-\.]/
  • mask-hex: /[0-9a-f]/i
  • mask-email: /[a-z0-9_\.\-@]/i
  • mask-alpha: /[a-z_]/i
  • mask-alphanum: /[a-z0-9_]/i

Using different classes

You can apply these standard regexps to different classes if you wish.



Keyfilter supports extending and changing of list of provided masks.

Example of extending

 * Key filter masks for hosting.

  var hostingMasks = {
    dir: /[a-z0-9_\/\-\.]/i,
    ftpuser: /[a-z0-9_]/

  $.extend($.fn.keyfilter.defaults.masks, hostingMasks);


Override built-in masks to allow french accents

 * Key filter masks supporting french accents.

  $.extend($.fn.keyfilter.defaults.masks, {
    alpha:    /[a-zéèçàêoe_]/i,
    alphanum: /[a-zéèçàêoe0-9_]/i


You can fully override masks by simple assignment after the plugin loads but before the document.ready event fires.

$.fn.keyfilter.defaults.masks = { ... };