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Mastering Eclipse Plug-in Development

This repository contains source code for the Packt Publishing book "Mastering Eclipse Plug-in Development"

ISBN-10: 1783287799 ISBN-13: 978-1783287796


  • Chapter 1: Plugging in to JFace and the Common Navigator Framework
  • Chapter 2: Extending Eclipse with Custom Extension Points
  • Chapter 3: Using OSGi Services to dynamically wire applications
  • Chapter 4: Defining commands for the Gogo shell
  • Chapter 5: Native Code and Fragment Bundles
  • Chapter 6: Understanding Service Loaders and Class Loaders
  • Chapter 7: Designing Modular Applications
  • Chapter 8: Event Driven Applications with EventAdmin
  • Chapter 9: Deploying and Updating with P2
  • Chapter 10: User Assistance in Eclipse


Each of the chapters is represented in the repository as a tag. Switching the repository to the appropriate tag will show the state of the repository at that particular time.

These can be checked out by using the EGit repository view, and right-clicking and choosing 'Switch to' and 'Other' will allow the tags to be selected. Alternatively using git checkout chapter1 from the command line followed by git clean -fxd will give you the state of the repository at the end of each chapter.


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Code examples are licensed under the Eclipse Public License, version 1.0 as contained in the LICENSE.html file


Code repository for the "Advanced Eclipse plug-in development" book 978-1783287796



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