Legacy PHP Raml Parser (Abandoned) - See raml-org/raml-php-parser
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Project not in active development!

This page was created to help you migrate to raml-org/raml-php-parser - the official RAML parser for PHP.

The original work from alecsammon/php-raml-parser is moved to raml-org/raml-php-parser. All new development, issues and pull requests must be created in the raml-org/raml-php-parser.

We strongly advise you to update your composer.json so it requires the new name and location of the project. This is backwards compatible with the previous versions 2 and 3 and should be as easy to do as executing:

$ composer remove alecsammon/php-raml-parser
$ composer require raml-org/raml-php-parser "^4.0"