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pyba2: Python tools for Beyond Architecture 2 firmware analysis

The project is intended for use with radare2, but is structured in such a way that it should be useful in other Python-based environments (such as gdb).


  1. Clone the project: git clone
  2. Change into its directory: cd pyba2
  3. Make sure radare2 Python plugin is installed: r2pm -i lang-python
  4. Run radare2 with -I r2 -I jn516x_ota_firmware_file.bin
  5. ...
  6. Profit!


Python 3.6

This project uses some modern features (e.g., f-strings) not available in prior Python versions. If using an older version of Python is a necessity, you're welcome to fork and change the project as needed.


This isn't actually a requirement. Using virtual environments with radare2 plugins is tricky, so we just copied the module into our repository. However, they deserve the credit, so check bitstring!


To use the plugin with radare2, be sure to install the lang-python plugin first: r2pm -i lang-python.


The project is in development, and contributions are welcome! Go ahead and open issues (hopefully you don't find any :)), and use pull requests to improve the project!

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