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Contributions in the last year 2,293 total Jul 4, 2014 – Jul 4, 2015
Longest streak 51 days September 14 – November 3
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  1. Merged #2106 Added some nonsense around IA5STRING pyca/cryptography
  2. Merged #289 Enabling caching of pip downloads and wheels pyca/pyopenssl
  3. Merged #2104 Added support for SANs in CSRs pyca/cryptography
  4. Merged #2103 Added a test with two extensions, and added key usage support to the frontend pyca/cryptography
  5. Merged #2102 added a few more x509 bindings for SAN encoding pyca/cryptography
  6. Merged #2100 Shift around the x509 code, all the extensions are going to have the same thing pyca/cryptography
  7. Merged #2099 Improved coverage for tests, handle multiple pytest.mark.supported pyca/cryptography
  8. Merged #2097 Fixed #1689 -- correctly handle code with multiple requires_backend_itnerface pyca/cryptography
  9. Merged #2946 fixed a typo in the docs pypa/pip
  10. Merged #2086 Initial stab at unifying the extension parsing code fro CSRs and certificates pyca/cryptography
  11. Open #2085 Initial code to encode SANs pyca/cryptography
  12. Merged #2080 Simplified code in the test loaders and improved branch coverage in the x509 tests pyca/cryptography
  13. Merged #2078 Improvemed branch coverage for ssh public key loading pyca/cryptography
  14. Merged #2076 More branch coverage improvements. By virtue of reorganization and a new test pyca/cryptography
  15. Merged #2075 Reorganized some code to improve branch coverage pyca/cryptography

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