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Rust Fuzzing Authority

Tools and resources for fuzzing with the Rust programming language


  1. cargo-fuzz Public

    Command line helpers for fuzzing

    Rust 1.1k 83

  2. trophy-case Public

    🏆 Collection of bugs uncovered by fuzzing Rust code

    320 45

  3. book Public

    📖 Guides and tutorials on how to fuzz Rust code

    Shell 89 16

  4. arbitrary Public

    Generating structured data from arbitrary, unstructured input.

    Rust 382 43

  5. libfuzzer Public

    Rust bindings and utilities for LLVM’s libFuzzer

    C++ 131 36

  6. Public

    🐇 Fuzzing Rust code with American Fuzzy Lop

    Rust 1.3k 96


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