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The bathslides class: University of Bath presentations

The bathslides LaTeX class is intended to produce slides for University of Bath presentations, or an accompanying transcript, or both. It is based on the beamerswitch class.

Internally, bathslides uses a presentation theme called 'Bath', which can be used independently within beamer.



To use this theme, you will need to have the image files uob-logo-grey-transparent.pdf (for PDF) and uob-logo-grey-transparent.eps (for DVI) somewhere TeX can find them. I recommend you place them in the same folder as bathslides.dtx while compiling the class and in a tex/generic/logos-ubath folder thereafter.

The files are not distributed with the theme for licensing reasons. You can download uob-logo-grey-transparent.eps from the University of Bath website. To get the PDF version, run epstopdf uob-logo-grey-transparent.eps. The epstopdf utility is available in most TeX distributions.

The documentation uses fonts from the XCharter and sourcesanspro packages, as well as sourcecodepro if XeLaTeX or LuaLaTeX is used, or zi4 (inconsolata) otherwise. To compile the documentation successfully, you will need the minted package installed and working.

Automated way

A makefile is provided which you can use with the Make utility:

  • Running make bathslides.cls generates the derived files

    • bathslides.cls
    • beamerthemeBath.sty
    • bathcolors.sty
    • bathslides.ins
  • Running make generates the above plus

    • bathslides.pdf
    • bathslides-slides.pdf

    It also downloads uob-logo-grey-transparent.eps using wget and generates uob-logo-grey-transparent.pdf using epstopdf.

  • Running make inst installs the files (and images) in the user's TeX tree. (To undo, run make uninst.)

  • Running make install installs the files (and images) in the local TeX tree. (To undo, run make uninstall.)

The makefile is set up to use latexmk and lualatex by default. If this causes difficulty you could change it to use pdflatex directly instead.

Manual way

To install the class from scratch, follow these instructions. If you have downloaded the zip file from the Releases page on GitHub, you can skip the first three steps.

  1. Run etex bathslides.dtx to generate the class and package files. (You can safely skip this step if you are confident about step 2.)

  2. Compile bathslides.dtx using your favourite version of LaTeX with shell escape enabled (as required by minted for typesetting the listings). You will also need to run it through makeindex. This will generate the main documentation (DVI or PDF).

  3. Compile bathslides.dtx a second time with -jobname=bathslides-slides as a command line option to generate the sample slides. Again, you will need to enable shell escape so that minted can mark up the code listings.

  4. Move the files to your TeX tree as follows:

    • source/latex/bathslides: bathslides.dtx, bathslides.ins
    • tex/latex/bathslides: bathcolors.sty, bathslides.cls, beamerthemeBath.sty, and the separately available image files as noted above (unless you have a better place to keep logos)
    • doc/latex/bathslides: bathslides.pdf, bathslides-slides.pdf,
  5. You may then have to update your installation's file name database before TeX and friends can see the files.


Copyright 2016 Alex Ball.

This work consists of the documented LaTeX file bathslides.dtx, and a Makefile.

The text files contained in this work may be distributed and/or modified under the conditions of the LaTeX Project Public License (LPPL), either version 1.3c of this license or (at your option) any later version.

This work is "maintained" (as per LPPL maintenance status) by Alex Ball.


A LaTeX class and beamer theme for University of Bath presentations






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