Exploiting NEC Terrain mobile
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NEC Terrain

As the name of the project suggests all the resources here are devoted to the NEC Terrain mobile phone. As such all the resources here are specific to this phone (even though theoretically applicable to another one). Moreover, various subjective statements reflect my personal opinion.

For inpatient - just want it rooted!

Read here

Здесь написано кратко по-русски.

About the phone

You can read here about the phone, pros and cons including known (serious) bugs

For those who wants freedom

  1. General theory - is a worth reading text which explains what is rooting, nand-lock, bootloader unlocking, and why these are different and sometimes disconnected things. Also many terms are explained there.
  2. Exploit - explains the theory of how the NEC Terrain is exploited
  3. Pre-requisits - lists mandatory pre-requisits to exploit the NEC Terrain
  4. New Recovery - desciption of the new recovery image and a step-by-step instruction to install one
  5. New Boot - description of the new boot image, a step-by-step instruction to install one
  6. Re-partitioning - a step-by-step instruction to re-partition the internal memory
  7. System modification - several useful howto-s on system modification
  8. Troubleshooting - issues

Bloatware or not bloatware?

Here are the lists of apps which can be disabled and why, and which cannot be disabled and why.