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#NowPlaying is a way to share with others what you are listening to this week. Every week users will share what they are listening to with other music lovers. It is a great way to discover new music and find other users who share a similar taste in music. AND you will make some steem while doing it!

Below are two great examples from the last week by @louie-jr and @jrovner.


  • Weekly posts will be made to kick off a new week
  • Rewards from that post will be split among all contestants equally
  • Contestants are anyone who follows all of the rules below
  • This account will upvote 100% all posts

*I hope to soon introduce a bot similar to @photocontests that will gamify the process!

Steemit Now Playing Rules

  • Weeks start on Monday and end on Sunday
  • #nowplaying must be the first tag
  • Now Playing Week N must be in the title of your post, where N is this week's number
  • Add a link to your post in the comments of the week's post
  • Upvote the week's post and at least one other #nowplaying entry
  • You may post as many #nowplaying posts as you want

What are you listening to!

Let me and your fellow steemians know what you are listening to in the comments or by making your very own #nowplaying post! Check out the current week here!