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2Steps verification

This RoundCube plugin adds the 2-step verification(OTP) to the login proccess.

It works with all TOTP applications RFC 6238

Some code by: Ricardo Signes Justin Buchanan Ricardo Iván Vieitez Parra

GoogleAuthenticator class by Michael Kliewe (to see secrets)

qrcode.js by ShimSangmin

Also thx to Victor R. Rodriguez Dominguez for some ideas and support




(Or use composer HOME_RC$ composer require alexandregz/twofactor_gauthenticator:dev-master

NOTE: Answer N when composer ask you about plugin activation)

  • Activate the plugin into HOME_RC/config/ $config['plugins'] = array('twofactor_gauthenticator');


Go to the Settings task and in the "2steps Google verification" menu, click 'Setup all fields (needs Save)'.

The plugin automatically creates the secret for you.

To add accounts to the app, you can use the QR-Code (easy-way) or type the secret. After checking the first code click 'Save'.

Settings by default

Settings OK

QR-Code example

Also, you can add "Recovery codes" for use one time (they delete when are used). Recovery codes are OPTIONAL, so they can be left blank.

Recovery codes

Check codes

Recovery codes

Enrollment Users

If config value force_enrollment_users is true, ALL users needs to login with 2-step method. They receive alert message about that, and they can't skip without save configuration


If config value 2step_codes_on_login_form is true, 2-step codes (and recovery) must be sended with password value, append to this, from the login screen: "Normal" codes just following password (passswordCODE), recovery codes after two pipes (passsword||RECOVERYCODE)

Actually only into samefield branch


Codes have a 2*30 seconds clock tolerance, like by default with Google app (Maybe editable in future versions)


MIT, see License


Tested with RoundCube 0.9.5 and Google app. Also with Roundcube 1.0.4

Remember, sync time it's essential for TOTP: "For this to work, the clocks of the user's device and the server need to be roughly synchronized (the server will typically accept one-time passwords generated from timestamps that differ by ±1 from the client's timestamp)" (from


Alexandre Espinosa Menor


Open issues using github, don't send me emails about that, please -usually Gmail marks messages like SPAM


Using with Kolab

Add a symlink into the public_html/assets directory

Show explained by

Client implementations

You can use various OTP clients -link by


Suggested by

To log errors with bad codes, change the $_enable_logs variable to true.

The logs are stored to the file HOME_RC/logs/log_errors_2FA.txt -directory must be created


You can define whitelist IPs into config file (see to automatic login -the plugin don't ask you for code


To deactivate the plugin, you can use two methods:

  • To only one user: restore the user prefs from DB to null (rouncubeDB.users.preferences) -the user plugin options stored there.

  • To all: remove the plugin from the plugin itself

Activate only for specific users

  • Use file (see example file)

  • Modify array users_allowed_2FA with users that you want to use plugin. NOTE: you can use regular expressions

Use with 1.3.x version

Use 1.3.9-version branch

$ git checkout 1.3.9-version

If you download 1.4.x RC version (with elastic skin), use master version normally (thx to tborgans)

Elastic Skin start

Elastic Skin config


This RoundCube plugin adds the 2-step verification(OTP) to the login proccess





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