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JavaChess - Diplomarbeit

How to install?

In order to launch the JavaChess.jar, you need the newest version of Java (Linux and Windows). Download JDK so you are also able to contribute to the software. On Windows simply open the jar with "java". On Linux open the software with "java -jar JavaChess.jar"

What is a "Diplomarbeit"?

It is basically a highschool thesis.

What is my thesis about? We develop a chess game in Java. The GUI is the JavaFX GUI and we create an AI (Artificial Intelligence). Further we develop the game to be played on a Raspberry Pi or Android Device.

Further information can be found in the Wiki

Who is in the team? Myself (Alexander Beiser) and a colleague of mine.

coding style?

We don´t have a public "coding style policy" and trust you! - at least until now The only thing that would make the team happy is: COMMENTS - EVERYWHERE, so other people know what you have done

We just have added a small Wiki page, for further technical introduction

Code is uploaded - have fun ;)