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vue-cookie CircleCI

A Vue.js plugin for manipulating cookies tested up to Vue v2.0.5


Install through npm

npm install vue-cookie --save

Include in <body> after loading Vue and it will automatically hook into Vue

<script src="/node_modules/vue-cookie/build/vue-cookie.js'"></script>

Or do it the cool way and load it in your main.js/app.js

// Require dependencies
var Vue = require('vue');
var VueCookie = require('vue-cookie');
// Tell Vue to use the plugin


The plugin is available through this.$cookie in components or Vue.cookie

Rather than implementing my own Cookie handling logic the plugin now wraps the awesome tiny-cookie package

// From some method in one of your Vue components
this.$cookie.set('test', 'Hello world!', 1);
// This will set a cookie with the name 'test' and the value 'Hello world!' that expires in one day

// To get the value of a cookie use

// To delete a cookie use
Advanced examples
// Setting the cookie Domain
this.$cookie.set('test', 'Random value', {expires: 1, domain: 'localhost'});

// As this cookie is set with a domain then if you wish to delete it you have to provide the domain when calling delete
this.$cookie.delete('test', {domain: 'localhost'});

// Customizing expires
var date = new Date;
date.setDate(date.getDate() + 21);

this.$cookie.set('dateObject', 'A date object', { expires: date });
this.$cookie.set('dateString', 'A parsable date string', { expires: date.toGMTString() });
this.$cookie.set('integer', 'Seven days later', { expires: 7 });
this.$cookie.set('stringSuffixY', 'One year later', { expires: '1Y' });
this.$cookie.set('stringSuffixM', 'One month later', { expires: '1M' });
this.$cookie.set('stringSuffixD', 'One day later', { expires: '1D' });
this.$cookie.set('stringSuffixh', 'One hour later', { expires: '1h' });
this.$cookie.set('stringSuffixm', 'Ten minutes later', { expires: '10m' });
this.$cookie.set('stringSuffixs', 'Thirty seconds later', { expires: '30s' });

Thanks for using the plugin, I am happy to accept feedback/pull requests, do not forget to star if you like it!

Happy Coding! :D


This packacge uses the ´´´testemframework andjasmine``` assertion library

# Run npm install to fetch dependencies
npm install

# Then you may run the tests from
npm run test-dev