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Algorand is a scalable, secure and decentralized digital currency and transactions platform.

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  1. go-algorand go-algorand Public

    Algorand's official implementation in Go.

    Go 1.3k 460

  2. pyteal pyteal Public

    Algorand Smart Contracts in Python

    Python 285 125

  3. js-algorand-sdk js-algorand-sdk Public

    The official JavaScript SDK for Algorand.

    TypeScript 283 203

  4. py-algorand-sdk py-algorand-sdk Public

    Algorand Python SDK

    Python 260 136

  5. sandbox sandbox Public

    Algorand node sandbox

    Shell 237 161

  6. go-algorand-sdk go-algorand-sdk Public

    Algorand Golang SDK

    Go 185 93


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