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Since Aerospike 4.5 (beginning 2020) the Aerospike team have their own Prometheus exporter. It's likely a better choice if you run version 4.5 or higher of Aerospike, especially if you run the Enterprise Edition. The exporter here might be a better choice is you run an older version. PRs are still welcome, but don't expect active maintenance to stay up to date with the current Aerospike.

Aerospike Prometheus exporter

This follows the logic from asgraphite. Run a asprom collector against every node in the aerospike cluster.

Statistics collected:

  • aerospike_node_*: node wide statistics. e.g. memory usage, cluster state.
  • aerospike_ns_*: per namespace. e.g. objects, migrations.
  • aerospike_sets_*: statistics per set: objects, memory usage
  • aerospike_latency_*: read/write/etc latency rates(!), per namespace
  • aerospike_ops_*: read/write/etc ops per second, per namespace


The releases page has binaries.


  • install the Go compiler
  • run make
  • copy the ./asprom binary to where you need it

It's also easy to crosscompile with Go. You can build asprom for Linux on a Mac with: GOOS=linux GOARCH=amd64 go build and then copy the asprom binary over to your Linux machines.