This tool generate version or build information in a source file format from * a pointing local git repository, during the pre-build phase.
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This tool generate version or build information in a source file format from a pointing local git repository, during the pre-build phase. Currently only supports java code generation. However can be extended to a more generic plugin based system to support other programming languages.

Tool favors command line arguments instead of configuration files to read the parameters, this decision is to speed up the tool, as this tool may be run numbers of times in a time slice.

You can use this in your build script in pre build phase, use in eclipse without a build script is just a use case. Policy of when to run is left to your creativity.

gbn git-repo-directory version-file-directory package-name

git-repo-directory : Absolute path to local .git directory

version-file-directory : Absolute path to the directory, to place version source file

package-name : Java package name

eg: gbn /home/myhome/gbn/.git /home/myhome/gbn/src/com/alkber/gbn/version/ com.alkber.gbn.version

- -
package com.alkber.gbn.version;
 * This is an auto generated file, modifications will not persist.
 * 2013/09/22 08:48:52
public class VersionInfo {
	public static final String buildNumber = "master.11.71740cc";
	public static final String branch = "master";
	public static final String commit = "11";
	public static final String version = "71740cc639811a5c4249f4344fe5e8586a7a494b";
	public static final String shortVersion = "71740cc";
- -

NOTE: It is highly advised to place .gitingore in the version-file-directory with .gitingnore content being ''. As this file is updated frequently, it may cause git issues during commit and merge.Further to avoid git issues ignore the *class files.

Download gbn.jar

Does it make sense to gitignore ?

Yes, tool autogenerate your when ever you build and what ever branch you are in, and during compilation already version information in embedded into the binary.

Simplest UseCase

In eclipse, Goto Project->Properties->Builders , create a new builder


[ path to java binary ]

eg: [ /home/myhome/bin/dk1.7.0_25/bin/java ]


[ arguments to java binary]

eg: -jar /home/myhome/bin/gbn.jar /home/myhome/git/Click2Limo/.git /home/myhome/git/Click2Limo/Click2Limo/src/com/frooday/click2limo/version/ com.frooday.click2limo.version

In the refresh tab of new builder setting specify the resource ie our version source file to be refreshed when ever tool is run.

In Build Options tab,


*Allocate Console

*During Manual Build

*During Auto Build

*During Clean


How different is GitBuildNumberGenerator from JGit-Buildnumber ?

Both actually does the same thing, however, we have detached policy from they tool and given the choice of policy to the developer. So, he can use it in any build environment like Makefile, Gradle etc, further we generate a source file.

License information

This project is released under the Apache License 2.0