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Testrecorder provides and easy way to generate characterizing unit tests (not integration tests!) by just recording interactions of a running system.

For more detailed information visit the Testrecorder project page.

Some more Documentation (Work in Progress)

At this time there are multiple APIs that could be used to support you in your projects. Not every API is well-documented and not every API is stable. If you are uncertain how to start, open an issue and describe the problem you want to solve. Even if the tool does not support your problem this could give us valuable insight on future features.


Examples can be found at testrecorder-examples

Some additional notes ...

The objective of Testrecorder is to provide an interface that is powerful, clean and extensible. To achieve this we will provide more and more configuration settings to extend the core framework. The fact that tests are generated automatically might rise wrong expectations: Testrecorder will probably always be an experts tool, meaning strong programming and debug skills are recommended to find the correct configuration and the necessary custom extensions.

Testrecorder was not yet tested on a large set of code examples. Some classes are not as easy to serialize as others, so if you encounter problems, try to write an issue. Hopefully - most fixes to such problems should be solvable with custom serializers or custom deserializers.

Testrecorder with Java 9+

Testrecorder was implemented based on Java 8 - without module system and without restriction for reflective access. Currently I am not involved in Java 9+ projects, so I cannot drive Testrecorder by own code examples.

If your project depends on a Java 9+ (9 and higher) feel free to ask for support to migrate Testrecorder to the current java version, I will see how I could help you. This would be possibly a benefit for both sides (I get meaningful test cases, you get a tested tool).

Feature Requests and Contribution

If there are questions on using Testrecorder (frankly the documentation is quite short) please feel free to open an issue. Of course you can go even further and propose improvements to usability.

The API of Testrecorder is not stable at this time. This means less comfort for users, but more flexibility for contributors. I am open to fundamental redesign of Testrecorder parts. But please do not write an expensive source code contribution (pull request) before discussing the consequences (in an issue) with me.

Research on test generation

If you are a student in search for a good subject for a master thesis related to test generation - I could give you some interesting challenges (some that use Testrecorder, some that extend Testrecorder).

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