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Behat Cron Runner

This module will add a cron job that will run all Features and Scenarios marked @critical


There is a feature to take care of most of it BUT there are variables to change as needed -Private path


There some notes here as well


Drush Multi Thread

You will need And install those as needed so your drush can access the commands

so when you run

drush cc all
drush help

You should have access to mt commands

Ultimate Cron

[admin/config/system/cron] Ultimate cron is in place as well as a dependency so you will need to follow its instructions for setting up Cron

Queue View


Example of interactive

You would ideally do this by running the cron and putting files in the private/behat_tests folder with the tag @critical

But let's run some at the command line

If you look here /admin/behat_cron_queue you will see a simple view into the drupal queue. Most likely nothing there.

At the command line we will add some jobs

/usr/bin/drush bcq

This will add some jobs to the queue. You can run it a number of times to add numerous jobs to the queue.

Now when you go to /admin/behat_cron_queue you should see the cmd to run.

Instead of waiting for cron we will force it to happen.

/usr/bin/drush bcr

That should output something like

Running Tests...
Going to run 6 from queue 6 tests with 4 threads
Thread 0 starts at offset 0. Jobs remaining: 6
Thread 0 finished. Average speed is 3 jobs/minute. Estimated completion at 9:40:57 04/08/14

Is your queue working

This default job should show it working

/usr/bin/drush mtq-process