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Django Delegate Voting System

A barebones simple majority voting system with delegates created as a proof of concept.

The main goals to be proved were that it is possible and easy to build a system like this on a standard stack that everybody can understand and deploy without too much hassle.


  • Create generic views and templates to make this work in the browser.
  • Wrap critical sections in a transaction
  • Make a celery worker that does the resolution of votes when proposals close.
  • Integrate more advanced voting methods using:


This is all standard django setup as explained here:

  1. Install homebrew, by getting the commandline tools: and then do the install homebrew here: (I don't think this is require but the XCode Command Line Tools are.)
  2. Open
  3. Check python is installed by typing python
  4. Install pip if you don't have it sudo easy_install pip
  5. Use pip to install virtualenv (don't ask me why): sudo pip install virtualenv
  6. Find a fresh place to checkout the project: use the Mac client:
  7. In the terminal cd to where you just checked out the project, for instance: cd ~/Documents/projects/enhydris
  8. Create a virtual environment if you don't have one yet: virtualenv venv --distribute
  9. Start a virtual environment: source venv/bin/activate
  10. Install all the necessary packages: pip install -r requirements.txt
  11. If you have never done so, setup the database: python syncdb, follow the instructions you get and note down the username and password that give you /admin access to the django site
  12. Because we use south to create the tables for the application (and to update after model changes) you need to run: python migrate
  13. Start the server with python runserver and go to your django at
  14. Run the nose test by typing: python test --nologcapture

To restart the server simply repeat steps 9 and 13. To be up to date again always do: 9, 10, 12, 13.


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