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Pixel-wall with ping pong balls and ardiuno!
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  1. Open Terminal and create a folder for Processing to rwmidi library: mkdir -p ~/Documents/Processing/librairies/rwmidi/library/
  2. Copy RWMidi lib to in Processing folder: cp ./software/lib/rwmidi/rwmidi.jar ~/Documents/Processing/librairies/rwmidi/library/

MIDI Driver Setup

  1. Open MIDI Driver Setup in /Applications/Audio MIDI
  2. In the Window menu, Show Midi Window
  3. Double Click on IAC Driver
  4. In IAC Driver window, check the device is online checkbox.

Test installation


  1. Open GarageBand and Open Preferences.
  2. In Preferences panel, 1 MIDI input should be detected.

Standalone Ledpong

  1. Open Processing, and launch sketch in ./software/processing/standalone/standalone.pde
  2. You should have a balck-&-white pixelated view of your webam
  3. Modifying the sens value in the sketch, you can modify the threshold of the line (sens value: sum of the white value in one column)


Arduino Firmware

Open Arduino, and load the firmware from ./hardware/arduino/firmware/firmware.pde


Open Processing, and launch sketch from ./software/processing/serial/serial.pde

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