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Welcome to LIRI, your own personal movie, concert, and song trivia treasure trove!
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LIRI Language Interpretator


Welcome to LIRI, your own personal movie, concert, and song trivia treasure trove! With a few simple commands, LIRI can fetch information about any movie from the Open Movie Database, any song from Spotify, and tour information from any band using the Bands In Town API! LIRI also logs everything you search to a handy log.txt file should you need to review the information it has fetched for you.



Copy the repository link.

Clone the repository to your local development environment

git clone

Navigate to the liri-node-app folder using the command prompt.

Run npm install to install all dependencies.

Create a file called .env. Within that file, enter the following code using your own API credentials:


Using LIRI

LIRI supports the following commands:

  • concert-this

    This command will pull up a list of concerts for the supplied band. Example usage:

    node liri.js concert-this the lone bellow

  • spotify-this-song

    This command will retrieve song information from Spotify. Example usage:

    node liri.js spotify-this-song do you believe in magic

  • movie-this

    This command will retrieve movie data from the Open Movie Database. Example usage:

    node liri.js movie-this forrest gump

  • do-what-it-says

    This command will pull a random command from random.txt and run it. Example usage:

    node liri.js do-what-it-says

Enjoy this demonstration video to further understand how LIRI works:

LIRI.js Demonstration

Code Snippets

The following snippet shows the function that opens random.txt and parses a random line from it for LIRI to use

    if (liriSearch === "do-what-it-says") {
        fs.readFile('random.txt','utf8', function(err, data) {
            let commands = data.split('\n');
            let randIndex = Math.floor(Math.random() * commands.length);
            let theCommand = commands[randIndex].split(',');
            liriSearch = theCommand[0];
            searchTerms = theCommand[1];

Built With


Amanda Atkins

See also the list of contributors who participated in this project.


This project is licensed under the ISC License.

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