Ditto: A System for Opportunistic Caching in Multi-hop Wireless Mesh Networks.
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This is the distribution containing source files and scripts
corresponding to the Ditto project at CMU.  For an overview of the
project, please refer to our MobiCom 2008 paper entitled "Ditto: A
System for Opportunistic Caching in Multi-hop Wireless Mesh

Fahad Dogar, Amar Phanishayee, Himabindu Pucha, Olatunji Ruwase, David Andersen.

Contents of the Distribution
copy_src_and_rebuild.sh         - use this script to unzip DOT, patch the source files with Ditto source, and build Ditto
ditto.patch                     - patch file to copy over Ditto changes to the DOT source tree
ext/                            - contains the DOT and OLSR distributions/tarballs
src/                            - contains Ditto source code
scripts/                        - scripts to run experiments, parse and graph results

Installation tips
Note: We used GNU/Linux as our platform for development and testing.

Install the following packages (Ubuntu)
> autoconf
> autoconftools-dev
> automake1.9
> libtool
> libgmp3-dev (already had libgmp3c2)
> libssl-dev
> tcsh

for Ditto you need to install an additional package
> libpcap-dev

To build and install Ditto you can use the copy_src_and_rebuild.sh
script.  Set the BASE_DIR variable according to your setup.  This
script extracts the DOT distribution, applies the Ditto patches to the
DOT source tree, builds sfslite and Ditto.

If you want to do this one step at a time, here are the instructions

The first 3 steps have to do with installing DOT.  You can refer to "How
to access and use DOT" (http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~dot-project/howto.html)
and check the README files in sfslite and the DOT root directories for
further information.

1. untar ext/dot_snap_20070206.tar.gz to a directory of your liking (BASEDIR)
   let SRC_DIR=${BASE_DIR}/dot_snap_20070206
2. build sfslite
    cd $SRC_DIR/sfslite
    autoreconf -f -i -s
    ./configure --prefix=$SRC_DIR/sfslite/install
    make install
3. build DOT
   cd $SRC_DIR
   autoreconf -i -s
   ./configure --with-sfs=${SRC_DIR}/sfslite --prefix=${INSTALL_DIR}
   make clean
   make install
   sudo ln -s ${SRC_DIR}/install/bin/gcp /usr/local/bin/

Once you have DOT built and running (try the test scripts in ${SRC_DIR}/test)
4. Either 
        copy over the Ditto source files from src/ to SRC_DIR
        cp ditto.patch ${SRC_DIR}/
        cd ${SRC_DIR}/
        patch -f -p1 < ditto.patch

5. Rebuild sfslite and DOT/Ditto (perform steps 2 and 3 again)
   you can use ${SRC_DIR}/rebuild.sh for subsequent builds

Overview of scripts
TODO: explain scripts

Also explain how the following work

Desciption of graph plotting scripts
TODO: explain scripts

Location of logs for experiments for the MobiCom 2008 paper
This is only useful for people within the group at CMU.
Logs can be found at: /disk/agami1/aphanish/share

A brief description of the experimental runs that the log directories
correspond to can be found in
a) /disk/agami1/aphanish/share/emulab/README.txt
b) /disk/agami1/aphanish/share/map/README.txt