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A plugin to use Cscope for code navigation from inside Sublime Text 2 and 3.


This plugin supports the majority of the functionality offered by Cscope, namely:

  1. Find a given symbol
  2. Find a given function definition
  3. Find functions called by a given function
  4. Find functions calling a given function
  5. Find a given text string
  6. Find a given egrep pattern
  7. Find a given file
  8. Find files #including a given file

This plugin also allows the user to rebuild the Cscope database from inside Sublime Text.


  1. Install Cscope (a Windows port can be found here)
  2. Customize the cscope executable path as explained in the Configuration section below, if needed.
  3. Generate a cscope database (cscope.out) in the root directory of your project
  4. Check out the repo under your "Packages" directory or install via Package Control and restart Sublime Text.


Here's what the symbol lookup results buffer looks like: find-results-new-3


If you wish to change the way CscopeSublime behaves, you have two options:

  1. Modify the corresponding setting in the default CscopeSublime.sublime-settings file in the package's directory
  2. Add a setting in your Settings - User file prefixed with CscopeSublime_. For example, to modify the display_outline setting and set it to false, put the line "CscopeSublime_display_outline": false in your settings file.


  • Ctrl/Super + \ - Show Cscope options
  • Ctrl/Super + L``Ctrl/Super + S - Look up symbol under cursor
  • Ctrl/Super + L``Ctrl/Super + D - Look up definition under cursor
  • Ctrl/Super + L``Ctrl/Super + E - Look up functions called by the function under the cursor
  • Ctrl/Super + L``Ctrl/Super + R - Look up functions calling the function under the cursor
  • Ctrl/Super + Shift + [ - Jump back
  • Ctrl/Super + Shift + ] - Jump forward


The plugin will recursively search for the cscope database in parent directories of the currently open file until it either finds the database or reaches the root directory.


This whole package is distributed under the MIT license.