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GUI for Mac | Tested on UltraStudio Express, Blackmagic hardware.

Dependency install instructions:

Install from BlackMagic website

Blackmagic SDK

Blackmagic Desktop Video (10.2.1 is tested)

If you don't have it already, install Homebrew:

Install BMDTools:

brew tap amiaopensource/amiaos

brew install bmdtools

Install FFmpeg with ffplay:

brew install ffmpeg --with-sdl2 --with-openjpeg

Options within the tool

Container options:

  • MKV
  • MOV
  • AVI
  • MXF

Codec options:

  • FFV1 (does not work with MXF)
  • JPEG-2000
  • ProRes
  • Uncompressed

Choice of 8 bit or 10 bit (except ProRes, will default and only capable of 10 bit)

Audio output is always two audio tracks, with stereo audio.