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Next generation MUI buttons bar custom class (TheBar.mcc) which provides application programmers with an advanced, high-level Toolbar-alike class.
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TheBar.mcc is a MUI custom class for Amiga systems for management of multiple buttons in a toolbar-like environment. It allows to group multiple button together, allows to hide/sleep/disable a specific button as well as send notifications in case a button was pressed by the user. It features a multitude of different settings and the majority of these are configurable for the user via the MUI preferences system.

TheBar.mcc class was originally developed by Alfonso Ranieri. Since November 2005 it was released under the LGPL license and is now freely available and further developed by an independent open source developer group.

TheBar.mcc is available for AmigaOS3, AmigaOS4, MorphOS and AROS.


All releases up to the most current ones can be downloaded from our central releases management.

Bug Reports / Enhancement Requests

To report bugs use the bug/issue tracker.

Manual Installation

  1. Extract the archive to a temporary directory.

    > cd RAM:
    > lha x MCC_TheBar.lha
  2. Go to the "MCC_TheBar/Libs/MUI/" directory where is the directory matching the operating system you want to install TheBar.mcc for:

    > cd MCC_TheBar/Libs/MUI/AmigaOS4
  3. copy all #?.mcc and #?.mcp files found in that directory to the global "MUI:libs/mui/" directory on your system partition:

    > copy #?.mcc MUI:Libs/mui/
    > copy #?.mcp MUI:Libs/mui/
  4. reboot and enjoy the new version ;)

License / Copyright

Copyright (C) 2003-2005 Alfonso Ranieri
Copyright (C) 2005-2019 TheBar Open Source Team

TheBar.mcc is distributed and licensed under the GNU Lesser Public License Version 2.1. See COPYING for more detailed information.


  • Alfonso Ranieri
  • Gianfranco Gignina
  • Jens Maus
  • Matthias Rustler
  • Thore Böckelmann
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