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Welcome to the !

The AMIS token allows 24/24h micro-trades on decentralized exchanges such as:

1. uses

Currently #1 in traffic volume. Try it here

2. [1]

An AMIS Market Makers can trigger an Ethereum smart contract to buy and/or sell ERC20-compliant digital assets for ethers Market Takers can execute an transaction against the Maker's contract to buy or sell the digital assets in exchange for in one atomic transaction. These exchange contracts are decentralised as they execute on the winning miner's node, and then get executed on each node of the 5800+ computers running the Ethereum network.

These exchange contracts are trustless as they perform an atomic swap between the ERC20 token and ethers in a single atomic transaction. If the transaction fails, both transfers in the ERC20 token and ether are not executed. You don't have to trust any third parties with your tokens or ethers.

3.!/trade/0x949bed886c739f1a3273629b3320db0c5024c719-ETH [4]

Official AMIS link on Forkdelta Forkdelta uses its own api which explains price variation for bid/ask rest orders residing in ed's orderbook. An AMIS market maker can decide to buy and/or sell ERC20-compliant digital assets for ethers or cross trade one of the supported asset tested during the pre-launch phase of the decentralized ATF [Asset Traded Fund] that AMIS offers. With the latest AMIS contract deployment, AMIS token holders can perform micro-trades on a wide range of asset and get substantial total return as NPV, dividends and capital gain increases.

List of cross trading pairs supported by AMIS contract on Mainnet and tested on etherdelta and decentrex exchanges are:

  • AMIS-ETH transitioned to 0x949bed886c739f1a3273629b3320db0c5024c719-ETH
  • AMIS-1ST " " 0x949bed886c739f1a3273629b3320db0c5024c719-1ST
  • AMIS-ARC " " 0x949bed886c739f1a3273629b3320db0c5024c719-ARC
  • AMIS-DAI " " 0x949bed886c739f1a3273629b3320db0c5024c719-DAI
  • AMIS-DGD " " 0x949bed886c739f1a3273629b3320db0c5024c719-DGD
  • AMIS-ICN " " 0x949bed886c739f1a3273629b3320db0c5024c719-ICN
  • AMIS-PLU " " 0x949bed886c739f1a3273629b3320db0c5024c719-PLU
  • AMIS-MKR " " 0x949bed886c739f1a3273629b3320db0c5024c719-MKR
  • AMIS-MLN " " 0x949bed886c739f1a3273629b3320db0c5024c719-MLN
  • AMIS-REP " " 0x949bed886c739f1a3273629b3320db0c5024c719-REP
  • AMIS-TIME " " 0x949bed886c739f1a3273629b3320db0c5024c719-TIME
  • AMIS-SWT " " 0x949bed886c739f1a3273629b3320db0c5024c719-SWT
  • AMIS-GNO " " 0x949bed886c739f1a3273629b3320db0c5024c719-GNO
  • AMIS-VERI " " 0x949bed886c739f1a3273629b3320db0c5024c719-VERI
  • AMIS-BAT " " 0x949bed886c739f1a3273629b3320db0c5024c719-BAT
  • AMIS-BCAP " " 0x949bed886c739f1a3273629b3320db0c5024c719-BCAP
  • AMIS-XAUR " " 0x949bed886c739f1a3273629b3320db0c5024c719-XAUR

4. Our experimental projects aims at providing what ed used to offer for cross pair trading

4.1 Amis Ether Delta Dex Experimental Developments

5. Token Store [4]

Trading AMIS on Token.Store is as easy as doing it over forkdelta; the UI and UX despite no graphics suits AMIS. =>

6. dubiex [4]

Trading AMIS on Dubiex is as easy as doing it over forkdelta or IDEX; same operational principles applied => or

7. Bamboorelay [4]

Trading AMIS on 0x relay Bamboorelay is as easy as doing it over DDEX; same operational principles applied =>

8. Instex [4]

Trading AMIS on Instex is as easy as doing it over forkdelta or IDEX; same operational principles applied =>

9. Token Jar [4]

Trading AMIS on 0x relay Token Jar is as easy as doing it over DDEX, Radar relay or Paradex; same operational principles applied =>

10. Ethen Market [4]

Trading AMIS on Token Jar is as easy as doing it over forkdelta or IDEX =>

11. Whitepaper [5]

12. AMIS Dex Exchange

The AMIS DEX exchange is referenced in the following sites:

13. Change History log

See History for previous deployments.

13.1 Activity completion:

13.2 Near-term/mid-term outstanding activity:

  • In Progress - New DEX testing:
  • In Progress - UI/UX testing for smart contract interaction with maker dao
  • In Progress - Notify and resubmit coinmarketcap AMIS token integration details.
  • In Progress - Ongoing improvements to site (design & content), graphics, logos, media content and project description write-up.
  • In Dev - One stop shop & trade platform build with decentralized arbitrage exchange feature
  • TBR - PR Announcement of Bug Bounties, CSAT bounties, Translations bounties, Twitter PR campaign, Bitcointalk status update.

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