Async Postgres client for PHP based on Amp.
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Async PostgreSQL client built with Amp.


This package can be installed as a Composer dependency.

composer require amphp/postgres


Note: pecl-ev is not compatible with ext-pgsql. If you wish to use pecl-ev for the event loop backend, you must use pecl-pq.

Documentation & Examples

Prepared statements and parameterized queries support named placeholders, as well as ? and standard numeric (i.e. $1) placeholders.

More examples can be found in the examples directory.

use Amp\Postgres;
use Amp\Postgres\ConnectionConfig;

Amp\Loop::run(function () {
    $config = ConnectionConfig::fromString("host=localhost user=postgres dbname=test");

    /** @var Postgres\Pool $pool */
    $pool = Postgres\pool($config);

    /** @var Postgres\Statement $statement */
    $statement = yield $pool->prepare("SELECT * FROM test WHERE id = :id");

    /** @var Postgres\ResultSet $result */
    $result = yield $statement->execute(['id' => 1337]);
    while (yield $result->advance()) {
        $row = $result->getCurrent();
        // $row is an array (map) of column values. e.g.: $row['column_name']


amphp/postgres follows the semver semantic versioning specification like all other amphp packages.


If you discover any security related issues, please email instead of using the issue tracker.


The MIT License (MIT). Please see LICENSE for more information.