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  1. dc-delivery-sdk-js dc-delivery-sdk-js Public

    Official Javascript SDK for the Amplience Dynamic Content Delivery API

    TypeScript 55 10

  2. dc-management-sdk-js dc-management-sdk-js Public

    Amplience Dynamic Content Management SDK

    TypeScript 45 14

  3. dc-sample-blog-nextjs dc-sample-blog-nextjs Public

    A blog built using the NextJS framework powered by Amplience Dynamic Content.

    TypeScript 11 14

  4. dc-extensions-sdk dc-extensions-sdk Public

    For building UI Extensions for the Dynamic Content App

    TypeScript 14 5

  5. dc-cli dc-cli Public

    Dynamic Content CLI Tool

    TypeScript 11 15

  6. awesome-dynamic-content-extensions awesome-dynamic-content-extensions Public

    A curated list of awesome UI extensions for Amplience Dynamic Content

    7 3


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