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Front-end Bootstrap with React + Jest + Browserify + Gulp

This is a bootstrap project to help you get started quickly with a front-end project using React, Jest, Browserify, and gulp.

Quick Start

npm install

# Run tests
npm test

# Build output
npm run build

# Build output and then start local server at http://localhost
npm run dev

Adding Additional Third-Party Dependencies

Third-party dependencies are included via a CDN instead of with Bower. This is done by design to utilize the caching of common libraries in end-users' browsers. In order to include a new dependency, follow the steps below:

  1. Include a script reference in the __web/index.html to their hosted CDN URL.
  2. Include a reference to the library in package.json under browserify-shim. As an example: if you are using require('jquery') in your application, then you must tell browserify where 'jquery' comes from. The shim in package.json gives you the ability to associate a name, 'jquery' with its reference, $ found in the global namespace.
  3. [Optional]: By default Jest mocks all dependencies unless otherwise specified. If you wish Jest to not mock a dependency that is a third-party dependnecy, then you must install the dependency as a npm package. The reason why is so that when Jest encounters a require('underscore'), for example, and underscore is not mocked, it will look to require it from your npm modules.