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Powershell Link Poster - Pinboard to Dreamwidth

Note: This runs under PowerShell, which comes as default in Windows 10, and is available for Mac and Linux. It uses the Dreamwidth "Post by Email" functionality.

Run with a command-line like:

postlinks.ps1 -pinboardUser andrewducker -emailFrom andrew@ducker.org.uk -emailTo andrewducker+1234@post.dreamwidth.org

You will need to set up post by email at https://www.dreamwidth.org/manage/emailpost and then update the command line to match your settings.

You can run it with a TestMode flag, which will show the results rather than posting them.

i.e. postlinks.ps1 -pinboardUser andrewducker -emailFrom andrew@ducker.org.uk -emailTo andrewducker+1234@post.dreamwidth.org -TestMode

If you're inside a corporate firewall then you will probably need to set the ProxyCredentials parameter. And unless you have external SMTP access you'll need an internal mail server (use the "smtpServer" parameter).

And you can change the posting time from midday by overriding the "linksEndTime" parameter like so:

-linksEndTime = (get-date -Minute 0 -Second 0 -Hour 8 -Millisecond 0) which will post links for the 24 hours preceding 8am this morning.

All suggestions/merge requests gratefully received.