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A HexChat plugin to set away on idle
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AutoAway for HexChat

This HexChat plugin will automatically mark you away when your computer is idle. It works on systems that use the GTK+ X11 backend, such as GNU/Linux.


  • HexChat
  • X11 and Xss (X Screen Saver extension) libraries
  • GTK+ 2
  • CMake and pkg-config (for building)

Building and installation

cd hexchat-autoaway
cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release .
cp ~/.config/hexchat/addons


The plugin should work out of the box. To change the default settings, close HexChat and edit the file ~/.config/hexchat/addon_autoaway.conf.

Settings list:

  • away_msg: The away message to set (default: Idle)
  • idle_time: The idle time after which the user is considered being away, in seconds (default: 600)
  • polling_timeout: The X status polling period, in seconds (default: 10)
  • away_extra: Extra per-server command to execute when going away (default: empty)
  • back_extra: Extra per-server command to execute when returning back (default: empty)

To execute multiple extra commands on away/back, create a text file with the commands and set away_extra/back_extra to LOAD -e <file>.

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