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Command Line Note Taker (Mac, Linux, BSD, Unix variants)
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CNote - Command Line Note Taker

CNote is a super simple tool which allows you to instantly take notes from command line, while coding / researching. Saves all notes in ~/.notes; searchable & time-stamped.

Here's how you can add a note:

n Added cnote to github at

Tested Platforms: Cent OS, Ubuntu, Mac OS X, Raspberry Pi

Version: 1.0

CNote Commands(Manual)

  • n Add note. Enclose in quotes to use any character in note. Note is always single-line but there is no limitation on the length of the line. Newlines must not be used
    • n cnote supports adding complex notes. Notes with escape characters should be quoted.
  • nls List all notes matching your phrase/word with date and time
    • nls cnote - List all notes containing cnote
  • ne Open all notes in (default) editor. You can set your default editor by defining the environment variable EDITOR in script
    • ne - Open all notes in default editor
  • nrm Delete matching note(s). YOu should list the desired note with nls first before nrm to ensure other notes are not deleted
    • nrm dotnet - Delete all note(s) containing dotnet
  • nh Help


  • All your notes are saved in ~/.notes file
  • Each note is saved as a single line
  • Each note is prefixed with a timestamp in 2016-03-19 08:39:21 format
  • To backup ~/.notes create a symbolic link to this file in your Dropbox directory. Dropbox crawls symbolic links and will automatically update as and when you add a note.


Automatic with installation script

Run on Terminal:

wget --no-check-certificate -q -O-|bash -

Manual installation

Append the shell script content ( ) to ~/.bashrc (for access by your login account only) or to /etc/bashrc for access across all logins in the machine.



Angsuman Chakraborty

Email | Web | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Blog

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