Angular 2+ bindings for Redux
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Angular bindings for Redux.

For Angular 1 see ng-redux

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What is Redux?

Redux is a popular approach to managing state in applications. It emphasises:

  • A single, immutable data store.
  • One-way data flow.
  • An approach to change based on pure functions and a stream of actions.

You can find lots of excellent documentation here: Redux.

What is @angular-redux?

We provide a set of npm packages that help you integrate your redux store into your Angular 2+ applications. Our approach helps you by bridging the gap with some of Angular's advanced features, including:

  • Change processing with RxJS observables.
  • Compile time optimizations with NgModule and Ahead-of-Time compilation.
  • Integration with the Angular change detector.

Getting Started


Here are some examples of the angular-redux family of packages in action:

Companion Packages


In-Depth Usage

@angular-redux/store uses an approach to redux based on RxJS Observables to select and transform data on its way out of the store and into your UI or side-effect handlers. Observables are an efficient analogue to reselect for the RxJS-heavy Angular world.

Read more here: Select Pattern

We also have a number of 'cookbooks' for specific Angular topics: